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Giving at Church

We encourage all of those who are part of our Church family to give—not out of obligation but out of a spirit of worship. Your gifts allow God's work to be done in our midst, in our community, and in the world around us.

Securely Give Online

Your information is held securely by an SSL encrypted connection. This information will remain private and will never be given away to third parties, other than to process your scheduled contributions.

Ways to Give

There are many easy ways for you to give, including one-time gifts, text-to-give, online recurring giving and, of course, during our worship services.

Securely Give

Your gift helps us live out our vision to serve the world.

Give Online

Why We Give at Cross Winds

Jesus lifted up the value of giving for us: "keep in mind the words of the Lord Jesus, for He said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’ " Acts 20:35

As Christians we understand that all good things we have come from God.  And God counts on us to share these gifts for good work near and far.  Through our offerings and tithes we show our love of God and neighbor.  Each year we ask our partners to commit a portion of their income in support of God’s work through Cross Winds.  Why do we do this?

  • With our understanding that all we have is a gift from God, we believe giving to God’s work is an act of worship.
  • Living out of a sense of abundance and generosity is an expectation for us at Cross Winds.  We don’t tell people how much to give, but hope that each person will set aside a portion of their income and increase that amount as they are able.
  • Generous giving makes good things possible:  worship, education and programming for children and youth students, Bible studies and support groups, mission trips and service to the community.  It also covers the utilities and operational needs of the church. 
  • Giving FAQ
  • Endowment Fund

Online Giving FAQ’s

Is my giving information secure?

Absolutely. Any personal or financial information you enter is encrypted using SSL security – the same state-of-the-art security measures used by online retailers, banks, and other financial institutions.

What Payment Methods do you Accept?

We accept donations from credit/debit cards as well as your Bank Account (our recommendation). While we’re happy to accept your donation by any means, Bank Account donations cost significantly less, allowing more of your gift to go towards ministry. 

In addition to the Online Bank Account option, you also have the option to set up Bank Account donations by completing the form at this link and returning it to the church office. The form option has no convenience fee. 

Do I need to Create an Account?

No. That said, we do recommend creating one so that you can view your online giving history. Also, you will be asked to create an account if you’d like to setup recurring donations.

Will I Receive a Receipt When I Give Online?

Yes. You will be emailed a donation receipt each time you give. Again, we recommend creating an account so you can view all your online giving history.

Is there a minimum or maximum I can give online?

No. That said, for very large gifts, we recommend you contact us to ensure your gift is processed in a timely fashion. (Our internal giving security can flag large donations for security reasons).

More Information

Email Contact

How to Use Text Giving (763-324-9307)

  • Text the word GIVE to 763-324-9307
  • If it’s your first time, you’ll be prompted to click a link directing you to the online giving page to complete a one-time registration.
  • Click “SIGN IN” then “REGISTER FOR AN ACCOUNT” at the bottom of the page.
  • Complete contact information then click “REGISTER”
  • Enter the SECURE PIN that the system texts you.
  • Select the fund, enter the donation amount, and payment information before completing your gift.
  • Click SAVE PAYMENT to keep your payment information securely saved for future gifts.
  • To text a donation after the one-time registration, you can give immediately without having to re-enter any of your information. Simply text the desired amount and the fund keyword to the text giving number. Ex: 250 general budget for $250.00 to the General Budget fund.


  •    EDIT – Make changes to your giving account and update contact information and/or update payment information.
  •    REFUND – Refund your last gift. You must text “REFUND” within 15 minutes to refund the gift. If you realized the mistake after 15 minutes, contact the church office for a refund.
  •    KEYWORD – Keywords are the fund names that Cross Winds has set up for special events or funds.

Endowment Fund

What is the Endowment Ministry Fund?

The Endowment Ministry Fund provides a means for members of the congregation to make lasting gifts for the work of Cross Winds United Methodist Church. This fund is invested with income generating perpetually supporting the mission of Cross Winds; Connecting, Serving, Worshiping, Teaching and Growing in Faith. 

Why have an Endowment Fund?

Christians give to the life and mission of the church out of a loving response for what God has given us. The Endowment Ministry Fund provides a way for members and friends of Cross Winds to leave a
legacy that will live on past their lifetimes. Through this Fund the Church is able to carry on God’s work, reaching beyond the limitations of the annual budget. 

How do I know that my contributions provide for the future?

Contributions to the Endowment Ministry Fund are managed conservatively, with the objective of growing the fund’s principle to keep pace with inflation. Each year a percentage of the Fund is made available for the work of the Church. In this way your contributions will live on providing for the continual work of Cross Winds.

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