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Worship Schedule

Sunday Morning 

"In -Person" worship is Cancelled until further notice.

On-Line Service

We continue to produce a 30-35 minute worship service for each weekend. Weekly On-Line Services are available each week beginning Mid Saturday Afternoon. 

The normal Sunday Morning Schedule during the school year is:

Sometimes the schedule changes. See details below.

June Worship

 Our June worship services continue to be a recorded and available online and through Facebook each weekend.  Each service features contributions of many members of our faith community – from their homes and other locations, as well as from our church building. 

We will also have another drive-in service at 10 AM on Father’s Day – June 21 in our church parking lot.  Stay in the safety of your car and tune your radio to FM 94.1   We have been enjoying these so much we’re planning on adding some more services to our schedule during the summer months.  More to come on this.

The first part of June continues the series exploring Scriptures and ideas that have greatly transformed our lives.

“Stories that Stick.” 

Then beginning on the weekend of June 28, we’ll sharpen the focus a bit to explore some of the best known and loved stories of the Bible.  During the COVID-19 era, many children are joining their parents for on-line worship services at home.  And many adults are giving worship and church a new look on-line.  So we’ll dig deep into the earliest stories of faith we heard and loved. 

Sunday May 31 - “Children of Encouragement”  - On-Line

On this day of Pentecost, we are encouraged to let God transform the world by transforming us into people who radiate encouragement and grace.  (read Acts 4: 32-37)   On this day it is a custom to wear and display the color red in honor of the Holy Spirit. 

Sunday June 7 – “How to Listen to a Message” - On-Line  

Be honest now – have you ever gotten bored during a worship service?  Especially during the sermon?  Or as we like to call it – the Message?  Of course you’ve been bored!  We all have.  But even a boring message can speak to us.  And we are invited to prepare our hearts to hear and receive what God has for us on worship.  (1 Corinthians 2: 1-5, 9-12)

Sunday June 14 – “Not What I Had Planned”  - On-LIne

Steve Weeks preaches for this online service, and explores how a person can deal with upheavals and disruptions in life.  He considers how the early church leader Paul handled the chaos that came his way.  (see Romans 15: 20, 23-24a)


Sunday June 21 – “From Where Does My Help Come?” 

Pastor Mike Dyrdal preaches on his and Pastor Harold Biederman’s favorite Psalm – Psalm 121.   The faithful presence and care of God can see us through our challenges and hard times.  We hope you can join us in the parking lot or on-line as we worship and honor fathers on this Father’s Day and first full day of summer. 

Sunday June 28 – “Building Hope and Courage Today” - On-Line

Pastor Mike Dyrdal kicks off the “Stories that Stick” series with a look at developing courage and hope.  Check out the story of David and Goliath in 1 Samuel 17.


There’s been some discussion in the news the past few days about churches re-starting worship in their sanctuaries.  I want you to know how we are proceeding with our plans for “re-opening” the church for worship services and other group activities.

Our Cross Winds Board has set up a task force to work with the church staff to recommend and implement a plan for our church’s “re-opening” for worship services and group meetings. This task force includes three medical professionals – Jeanine Ronning, Kara Biederman, and JoAn Baker; and Pastor Mike Dyrdal.  

  • This task force is meeting regularly and is committed to creating the best plan for Cross Winds. We will find and rely on the smartest people and best information and wisdom available.  We will pay close attention to the guidance of the state of Minnesota, our Bishop, and the Minnesota Annual Conference.  The task force has met twice and is researching extensively to create a plan of “best practices” for Cross Winds.
  • We are committed to the safety of our congregation, being especially mindful of the most vulnerable persons.
  • As we work on our re-opening plan, we will continue to provide creative worship experiences, for viewing on-line and occasionally in person in our parking lot from the safety of your car. The responses we have received for these worship services has been very positive.  We plan on continuing them even when we return to “sanctuary worship.” 
  • Because the services have been so well received, we feel no rush to return to the sanctuary before it is safe. We anticipate continuing to worship through recorded services and parking lot services throughout the summer months of June, July, and August. 
  • In the meantime, our staff and ministry groups have been challenged to think of creative new ways of getting together online for study and fellowship, as well as finding ways to serve our neighbors and community. We welcome your ideas as well.

So the bottom line is this:  For the time being, we are sticking with producing weekly recorded worship services and occasional parking lot worship services.   Expect this through the summer months.

 Pastor Mike

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