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Sunday Morning 

"In -Person" worship is Cancelled until further notice.

WATCH ON-LINE (Sat late afternoon -> Mon evening)

The normal Sunday Morning Schedule during the school year is:

Sometimes the schedule changes. See details below.

Jesus made purposeful choices to bring grace to people like you and me and to transform the world. This Lent, the days between Ash Wednesday and Easter morning, we’ll explore some of the key directions Jesus chose.

Our Lent journey begins on Ash Wednesday, February 26 with a look at Jesus’ choice to come to us where we are at, speaking to us with love in a way we can understand. How should we respond to His effort to reach out to us? 

Sunday, March 22 - He Chose to Turn the Other Cheek (On-line)

Pastor Mike Dyrdal investigates how Jesus’ strategy to resist revenge powerfully affects the human heart. Read Matthew 5: 38-42 to see some of Jesus’ wisdom on conflict from the Sermon on the Mount. 

Sunday, March 29 - He Chose to Affirm (On-line)

Pastor Mike Dyrdal invites us to see the wonder of Jesus’ choice of offering unconditional love instead of shame, condemnation and judgement. Can we hear this word of grace for our own lives, and can we learn to offer it to others? Read Luke 7: 36-50 to see how it’s done. Come and see the beautiful quilts and school bags prepared by the Stitches of Love group for this United Methodist Committee on Relief Sunday (UMCOR)

Sunday, APRIL 5 - He Chose You On this day (On-line)

Pastor Mike Dyrdal looks at the incredible wonder that God knows each of us individually and chooses to invite us into a close connection. Read Psalm 23 and Psalm 139.

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