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Isaiah's Eyes


Dec 03, 2017

Passage: Isaiah 2:1-5

Preacher: Mike Dyrdal

Category: Kingdom, Kings


Pastor Mike’s message is based on Isaiah 2:1-5.  Isaiah looks forward to the coming of Christ’s leadership to the world, which will be like light breaking up darkness and hope overcoming despair.

Isaiah 2:2 - "In the days to come the mountain of the Lord's house will be the highest of the mountains. It will be lifted above the hills; peoples will stream to it." 

Isaiah’s words in the United Nations’ Plaza


  • Where do wars come from?  In Isaiah's time, Israel was caught in Assyrian wars. Isaiah brings hope of peace to the people of his time. 
  • We long for peace, in the same way, and Isaiah brings hope to us in our day. 
  • How can we make peace in our lives?

Examples of making peace:

  • Veteran's return to civilian life.
  • Ruby Bridges - first Black 6 year old integrated into public school
  • Abraham Lincoln chose his adversary Edwin Stanton as secretary of war
  • Truth and Reconciliation Commission in South Africa