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Growing and Expanding When, Where and how to Pray…

At Home…

  • Schedule prayer into your daily calendar using phone or computer alarm reminders
  • For prayer at meals, have each person share one thing they are grateful for
  • Start a prayer journal – record prayer requests and prayers answered
  • Read a book on prayer or use a daily devotional

At Cross Winds…

  • Visit the Children’s Prayer Wall at the entrance of the Children’s area downstairs. Read a card, pray, and place a sticker on the card to show you prayed
  • Join the Prayer Chain or submit a prayer request
  • Prayer Walk through and around the church, praying for people and ministries you notice
  • Pick up a prayer list on the welcome desk and pray for those requests during the week
  • Prayer Brochure

In the Community …

  • Join a Moms in Prayer Group
  • Walk the Labyrinth at Maple Grove Central Park
  • Stop and Pray when encountering emergency vehicles responding to a situation
  • Prayer walk your neighborhood, school or work place
  • Pray God’s blessing on every church, hospital and police station you pass by

Websites to explore ...

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We believe in the power of prayer.

You are invited to request specific prayers by filling out the form below. Your request will be forwarded to the prayer chain.   In order to support a community of faith, your name will be included as the author of your prayer request.   Only generic prayers, i.e. “please pray for my marriage,” can be published anonymously. We respect the confidentiality of requests.  Please share only what you have permission to share.

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Your prayer request will be forwarded to the prayer chain when you click the "send" button. 
Prayer Request

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Drag the lower right corner to make the edit box bigger and easier to enter your request. .......... TO SEND REQUEST, CLICK SEND and then PRAYER REQUEST to check for a successfully submitted request.