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Cross Winds Facilities team manages the church property under the leadership of the Trustees.  Senior Facilities is a major portion of this team.  Here’s what they have been doing during our pandemic shutdown.



  • Lilacs: Removed East group of lilacs and Rock. Added 1 yard of Dirt. Need 1 more yard of dirt and plant grass. Thanks Dick, Marlan, Bill, David A, Roger
  • Big Island water pipe: Dave Looney contracting installation of under driveway pipe
  • Remove paver blocks next to rear sidewalk and parking lot: Replace with dirt (from bare lawn) and seed grass. Four paver blocks have been removed. Need to remove more paver blocks and restore sod. Thanks Dick
  • Pine Trees (next to parking lot): Trim branches all around and remove low dead branches. TBD
  • Trees in back yard: Remove branches that touch building and other dead branches.  Dave Looney.


  • Spray weeds with round-up: concrete, driveway and rock areas all around the building, under pine trees, mulch under lilacs – big job, a little bit each week
  • Weeding: Big island and front of church gardens – a little bit each week 
  • Trimming: Lilacs and front of church shrubs/trees as needed (twice per year) 
  • Trimming: Trees around the power transformer (one per year). 
  • Suckers on Trees:  Remove as needed (once per year). (North West lawn and North East near sidewalk). 


  • Broken Sprinkler pipe repaired – Thanks Scott McHenry
  • Big Island plantings and front of building gardens: 18 plants replaced, and mulch renewed. Thanks Dave Looney for getting mulch, Marlan Tavis for getting plants. Marlan, Bill, Dick and Roger for planting and spreading the mulch.
  • Front yard bench: Replaced boards with composite deck material. Thanks Dick.  Thanks Dick and Bill for making the bench stable with pavers from the back sidewalk.
  • Sign flower beds:   New flowers have been planted with new mulch. Thanks Dave Looney
  • Yard fertilized:  Thanks Dave Looney
  • Spray weeds in lawn: Thanks Dick and Marlan (finished May 20)

Remove Stump and plant Grass: Between NE parking lot and sidewalk: Thanks Dave Looney 

Cross Winds Facilities wants to be proactive when issues arise at church.  If you uncovered a problem that needs fixing, please fill out the following so we can make it right.

Your request will be forwarded to the facilities chairperson when you click the "send" button. 

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