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Thinking About Our Giving…

During November, as partners together at Cross Winds, we think and plan our support for the church for the coming year. The challenge before us this year is to again grow in our generosity and support of Cross Winds. Please know our church is careful with money and our leaders and staff manage the budget wisely. Therefore, without any shame we encourage all of us, if possible, to again “take a step” in generosity by giving a greater proportion of our income in the coming year 2020. What do we mean by “taking a step”?

As you consider your giving for 2020, let me suggest something. In the past you may have started your giving decisions with this thought process: “What did I give last year? I’ll give the same or maybe increase it a little.”

Instead, I hope you’ll choose to be intentional in growing your generosity by setting aside a higher percentage of your income for the work of Christ through Cross Winds.

The historic encouragement of the Bible about giving is to tithe. This means setting aside a percentage of our resources for God’s work – with the goal of giving 10 % of our income–a tithe. 10% seems like a lot if this hasn’t been your practice. So, if you’re new to the idea of proportionate giving, my recommendation is to just start somewhere. Maybe this year you’ll decide to give 3% or 4% of your income and then in the future take steps to grow in giving and move closer to a tithe. Last year the good news was that about 60% of our Cross Winds’ partners took a step toward tithing.

It’s reported that currently the average Minnesotan donates 2.7 % of their income to charitable giving with the average amount being $4400. Do you know what percentage you have been giving? This year as you plan your giving, I encourage you to figure out what portion of your income you are currently giving. If you currently give 2%, can you take a step and move to 3% for 2019? If you are currently giving 4%, can you move to 5%? If you are at 8% can you move to 9 or 10%. You get the idea. If each of us embraces the biblical goal of moving toward a tithe (10%) and we each take a 1% step in our giving, we will have plenty of resources for our work.

In early November watch for a letter with a 2020 pledge card. Please use it to indicate your expected financial support of Cross Winds for next year. We will also include a couple of charts to help you think about proportionate giving and taking a step in generosity. Please return this pledge card during the worship service on Sunday, November 24. Or, if you will not be able to attend worship on that day, please return it to the church office before that date. This is very important as it helps us plan for next year’s ministries.
Thank you for loving your church and faithfully supporting Cross Winds.

Pastor Mike Dyrdal