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School Bag Mission Project

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You are invited to join in a back-to-school mission project to provide hope for children who need school supplies. Let's work together in an all-church mission project by purchasing and organizing supplies for school children in need in developing countries.

How can you help?

  • Purchase School supplies: (quantity needed for each schoolbag in parenthesis.) 

    - One-subject 8” x 10 1/2” spiral notebooks (3)
    - Pens (blue or black) (3)
    - Un-sharpened pencils (no advertising) (3)
    - Small glue sticks (3)
    - Pencil sharpener (1)
    - Pencil eraser 2” or larger (1)
    - Ruler 12” long with metric (1)
    - Box of 24 crayons (1)
    - Pair of round tips scissors (no plastic scissors) (1)

  • Drop off supplies at the little red wagon in lobby - August 12th - September 23rd 
  • Donate money - checks payable to CWUMC with "School Supplies" in memo line
  • Sew school bags with Stitches of Love Group
  • Wednesday October 3rd  - youth opening packaging of supplies
  • Sunday October 11th during both services - children Sunday School will fill bags

Click here for more details or contact Jane Ducklow